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We understand that the pool construction process can be quite confusing so we created a little information to explain each phases for you to understand better!



The first step in designing and building your pool is the consultation. During this phase, our team will meet you at your house to provide consult. This phase includes:

  • Meeting you at your resident 

  • Present sample pools and prices 

  • Take measurements of your backyard

  • Discuss your vision 

  • Answer any questions that you will have 

Contact us for a free consultation today!

Preliminary design


After consultation, the next step is preliminary design. To begin,  you will sign a design contract and pay a $500 design fee. During this phase we will utilize your plat survey to match your dream pool to your backyard space. Customer can also choose tiles, plaster, coping, deck style and any other materials during this phase. Customer will receive a 3D design of their dream backyard prior to contract signing. 

Sample PIcs.jpg
Signing a Contract


During consultation, customer will be able to receive a pricing based on our basic designs. An estimated pricing will be given base off of the measurements from preliminary design. Final invoice will be given along with the contract. A contract must be signed before any work is being done. Initial payment is also due at this time. 

Permits & LAYOUT


After a contract is signed, Swim Houston will obtain all necessary paperwork to submit to your HOA if needed and to obtain any additional paperwork needed to begin build. We will also contact 811 to make sure all buried utilities are marked before we begin. We will also be marking your backyard with stakes and ropes in the shape of your pool.

2. Excavation (2).jpg



Excavation is the step where you will physically see your pool coming into play. During excavation, we will be using a loader machine, such as a Bobcat, to dig your pool. As the loader is digging, it will also be bringing the dirt to a dumpster truck waiting outside to be hauled away. At the same time, your pool will be shaped as we are digging. 



After excavation is complete, our plumbing crew will come out and place plumbing pipes in place. Throughout the process, these pipes will be closely monitor to make sure they are secured. Steel will also be completed in this phase. Reinforcing steel rods will be placed in the shape of your pool. The rods are securely wired together and strategically place to give the best enforcement of your pool. 

3. Steel.jpg
5. Gunite (2).jpg



Gunite is the next step in the construction phase. In this step, you will see your pool coming to life. We will have multiple truck lined up to shoot gunite to form your pool. The gunite will cover plumbing and steel that was already done in earlier. Before beginning we will take necessary measures such as putting up covers to protect your homes from any debris. During this phase, we will also shot any other structures that you willhave including raised wall or raised spa. After the gunite is shot, the curing process will begin. This is the longest waiting point in the construction phase. We will water the gunite at least 3 times a day between 10 to 30 days to help make sure the gunite is cured at the same rate outside and inside. 



After the gunite is cured, we will have an certified electrician come out to wired any necessary electrical for pool lights. All wiring will be meet guidelines set forth by the City, State, and National Electrical Code. 

Electrical Work
7. Tile (3).jpg

Tile & Coping


During this step, we will be installing the tiles and coping. Before we begin, we will ask you to confirm the tile and coping that you had chosen when the contract was signed. Tiles will be installed at the waterline, about 6 inches from the top of the pool, and also at the spillover. 

Coping will placed over the top of the pool and/or spa. 



The next step will be decking. With the decking that  you had chosen during the design phase, this will be where we will complete your deck placing. 

8. Deck.jpg
9. Finish.jpg

interior finish


The last step to construction will be the application of plaster. With the material that you had chosen during the design phase, we will apply the plaster to the interior of your pool and spa. After the application, our crew will fill your pool will water. Allowing pool to fill before utilizing it will allow the plaster to cure and have a longer lifetime. 

After the completion of the interior finishes, we will provide you with a manual and instructions on how to utilize your equipment. 

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