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We are proud to introduce you to the products that we use in each pool that we install. With certain parts, you have the chance to choose an upgrade for more customization.


bioshield uv sterilizer

Bioshield UV Sterilizer

Bioshield UV Sterilizer utilizes UV light to help instantly neutralize harmful bacteria and pathogens presented in your pool water. It also reduces chlorine usage to up to 50% to help reduce odors. It is easily use with IntelliTouch or Easy Touch control system. 

Clean & Clear plus cartridge filter

Pentair Clean and Clear.jpg
Clean & Clear Plus

The Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter uses four-cartridge to trap more dirt and extend cleaning time. With clamp ring, it allows easier access for removal and cleaning of the cartridges and interior parts. During winterization, the 1.5" drain ensure that full drainage is complete. The fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank make it strong and corrosion free for longer lifetime.

Cartridge Filter

Intelliflo vsf pump

Intelliflo VSF

Intelliflo VSF is the first of its kind to be able to adjust it flow conditions to sync with the programmed flow rate to optimized the entire filtration cycle. It maintain the right amount of flow to ensure water clarity for your pool. Being ultra energy efficient, IntelliFlo VSF help increase your energy efficiency compare to regular single or two-speed pumps. 

Variable Speed and Flow Pump

Racer ls

pool cleaner

Racer LS 

The Racer LS has a four jets system to maximize your pool cleaning. It is 40% bigger to be able to pick up all shapes and sizes. It is easy to use with a snap detachable debris bag. With the Steady-Grip Traction, Racer LS is able to navigate all your pool surfaces. 

Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner

intellibrite 5g

led lights


led lights

Intellibrite 5G
LED Lights

Intellibrite 5G LED Lights offer light structure in both color and white light. Color LED utilizes only 26 watts for pool and 18 watts for spa lights while white light only uses 55 watts. It is cool-running and durable and is easily connected to either the IntelliTouch or EasyTouch system.

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mastertemp heater

High Performance Heater

MasterTemp High Performance Heater will allow you to have warm water in your pool or spa will having low operating cost, easy operation and long performance life. MasterTemp is designed to be compact and for super-quiet operation.


control system

Microbrite Color and White LED Light

With only 3.5 inches long, this light fixture is energy efficient and can fit in the smallest area of any pool structure. It can connect to any Pentair automation system and last 10x longer than other incandescent light.

ETi 400 Heater

ETi 400 High-Efficiency Heater

Built with the TitanTough Heater, the ETi400 is the longest-lasting heat exchanger in the market. The ETi400 is built with ASME-certified titanium allowing it to withstand the harshest condition. It is also 96% thermal efficiency allowing it to operate with less emission and in super quiet condition.


control system

Control System

EasyTouch allows you to control the functions of your pool and spa with the touch of a finger. It is accessible with many different mobile devices such as Apple Watch or Amazon Echo. It is automatic, simple to use, and affordable. 

Control System

With a color touchscreen interface, IntelliCenter allows you to control your pool and spa anywhere in the world. With connectivity to any iOS or Android system, access to your yard is at your finger. 

Have more questions regarding any of the products that we use?

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